What if my student doesn't have a Chromebook?

Please email myself if your student does not have a Chromebook. There will be alternative assignments given out from Administration. We are hoping by week 3 to have all students with Chromebooks that need them. However the alternative assignments may or may not have your student's elective class in them, so please let me know and I can try to get any assignments or help supliment work so that your student can stay successfull in the class. This is a learning curve for all of us and we have many many issues so I am here to help in any way possible.

What is the expectation for my student's schedule?

Students are expected to be working on school work every day during their designated times. If a teacher is holding a google meet session for their first period the students should be on during those alloted times which is 8:00-8:25 for the middle school and 9:15-10:00 for high schoolers. This is held like a college course, where those shorten times will be a lecture, any questions, maybe the teacher going over how to complete the assignment etc. Then from 12:00-2:30 (for Middle School) or 1:45-2:30 (for High School) the students are expected to work on those assignments. Students are expected to work on and complete all assignments from classes they will be graded. Attendance will be taken everyday, and your teacher might have a different way of you checking in whehter that be bellringers or discussion posts or Google meets. Please see my syllabus for my attendance policy. If you have any further questions on your student's schedule please look at powerschool, email myself, or email Administration.

What if we do not have Internet access?

Please email or text me just so I know your student is having technology issues, but also please let administration know and they can help problem solve this isse.

Are there any other opportunities for my student to engage in learning?

Well I'm glad you asked! I have so many opportunities for your student to engage in learning. I have a google classroom, and clearly you have found my website which is also an opportunity to engage in learning, you can find a bitmoji classroom under your student's class section. All teachers have google classrooms which your student has already been given a username and password to use ( If you do not have that information please contact me and I can give you the email/username for the, however if the password needs to be reset you will have to Please call or text (505) 750-7796 or (505) 738-3441. Technology support is available M-F 7:30am-2:30pm. Google classroom will be linked to your students account so as soon as they login they can see all of the classes that their teachers have created. This will have specific information for your student’s classes that they can engage in for additional learning.

When will we be offically back to the Hybrid model

🤷🏻‍♀️No one is sure of when we will offically be back to being in school, much less a sucessful Hybrid Model. Our current hope is the end of September or the beginning of October. However we will keep our online model fully function past October and will probably utilize this method in following school years.

How do students login to Google Classrooms?

1. Go to google, (please use your Chrome broswer) 2. Go to 3. Log in to your account (You can only use this account!) (If you do not have this information please contact IT and they can help you get that information). 4. Your student's classes should be there already if not they will have google classroom codes if you call Administration. 5. Start working :) Here is a quick support page from google if you are having further issues.

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