Bernalillo Public Schools Theater and Film Classes

Theater Group

Drama & Film

Period 1 Middle School

This class is a semester long class, where students learn about the basics to theater, and film. Performance is key and filming monologues and auditions will be apart of the course to show students how to achieve industry standards.

Dramatic Actor


Period 3

This class encompasses all of the Theater courses, whether you are in Intro to Theater, Styles of Theater, Performance & Presentation, or Directing you are altogether in one class this year, creating for a more connected Theater troupe and unbelievable talent in one room... or google classroom for that matter.

Filming Streets

Intro to Film

Period 4

This Introduction class to the Film Program focuses on the History of Film, Basic terms in the Film industry,

and an intro to Lighting, Camera, Sound Design, Acting, Grip and many more aspects of film.

Film Set

Film Production

Period 5

The second tier of the Film Courses. This class dives into filming your own productions, understanding what works and what doesn't work while filming, as well as learning the film industry standards for everything Pre-production to Post production.