Homework Packets

Here is a link to the school districts homework packets that students can be working on.


This year will be one to remember! Make sure to buy a yearbook so you can remember the year we were stuck inside for two months.  35$

Contact List

All teachers for Bernalillo Middle School have the office hours of 11am-12pm. If you are trying to get in contact with a High School Teacher their office hours are 1pm-3pm.  The link below has all emails, and phone numbers  for Beranlillo Public Schools.

Follow on Facebook

During this time, BMS is posting lots of great information on their facebook page. Such as an all school reads of the book Stargirl, daily challenges for students, and work students are doing during this time. Please follow on Facebook to keep updated on all information as well.

5 Tips for Success


Practice good infection control practices

Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough with your elbow or with a tissue that you immediately throw away, eliminate hand-shaking and practice social distancing – at least six feet of space between other people.


Stay active

Physical activity can help relieve stress. Even short walks can help.



To be able to continue being successful learners, students must have a learning routine in place. The following link has many tips and information on student learning while at home.


support your mental health

This goes for everyone in a household, we are all being pushed to the limit with fear, anxiety, and emotions. No generation is immune to mental breakdowns. Everyone needs to work together to support everyone in their household. The following links are from the CDC,, and all include important information for guardians and students.



While social distancing there are still ways to connect with the things that make you happy. You don't have to feel like you have to do everything that you've been meaning to do for the past 5 years around your house, unless you're a DIY person then go for it. Relaxing, and doing projects or things that you enjoy will make home life more bearable. Family game nights, Reading, (appropriate amount of) playing video games etc. will help this time of distancing.

Additional Resources

If your students do not have my drama class, here are some fun activities they might enjoy. The following link is to Khan Academy Disney's Imagineering in a box. Students will get to create their own theme park, including creating their world, designing attractions, and bringing characters to life. This is also in your students Google Classroom if they want to submit what they have accomplished.

Get started on all other class's assignments through google classroom! Make sure you are login to your google account with the email that ends in

Technology is an issue no matter who you are. If you are having issues with google classrooms, your google account, logging in, or anything else please reach out to me or technology. The Link below directs you to their web page.

BPS remote learning plan gives information on what the purpose of the plan is, times that teachers are available, recommend time for students to spend on learning and more.

This information letter outlines many questions that I have received from parents. I sent this out to emails before spring break however if you have not seen this I suggest reading over it.